Dementia Care - Revolutionizng Personal Care

Revolutionizing Dementia Care – The Documentary

In our world of dementia, I’ve learned that there are still so, so many things that we can do. We just have to do it different[ly]…

I mourn the fact that I can’t do a lot of things in life… So, a lot of mentoring is helping people to understand, ‘No you can’t do all the things you did do, but you still can do a lot.‘


Documentary from PBS Living with Dementia

Revolutionizing Dementia Care reveals how people living with dementia can still live a full and meaningful life based on their abilities, not their disabilitiesThank you to PBS and Dementia Action Alliance for their support and encouragement. Please support these organizations.

Dementia Care - Revolutionizng Personal Care
You can watch the full documentary here:

Innovative approaches in memory care communities have shown improvements in the well-being of residents as they’re included, engaged and supported in social gatherings, clubs, and everyday activities. A revolution is here where people living with dementia get the individual heart-felt care they need.” – Community Idea Stations PBS



6 thoughts on “Revolutionizing Dementia Care – The Documentary

  1. Donna OConnor

    Thank you Lori. It is Donna O’Connor and I really appreciate your information. I haven’t seen you in a while, but then again I have not been on recently, my computer stopped working. I have a new one and the computer guy is putting the Apple software on it and down loading from the cloud and I should be set to go. Again thank you so much for all you do for us 🧡 donna

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    1. Laurie Scherrer Post author

      Thank you for following my activities and for the kind note. I am glad you will be able to get back into the computer world! Hope your holidays are full of love and laughter! Merry Christmas! Laurie



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