Dementia Untangled

A Purposeful Life with FTD (with Laurie Scherrer)

Today’s discussion is about people living with Dementia. This podcast explores unique topics related to dementia through conversations with physicians, experts, and community leaders—focusing on innovative ideas, practical strategies, and proven methods to create a supportive path for caregivers.

Dementia Untangled Podcast

Listen to the podcast here:

1 thought on “Dementia Untangled

  1. drearlb

    Hi Laurie,

    Wanted to let you know Earl passed Saturday, May 27. He has declined with dementia the last couple years especially since the 1st of the year. I had a feeling he wouldn’t make it through summer. It was very peaceful. Had been in hospice at home about 6 weeks. I was going through emails and saw your name and thought you would want to know. Judy Bailey




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