2 thoughts on “Rejoicing & Good Times

  1. debi

    I have been a caregiver since 1989 and now my step-mother has battled dementia since. 2011. I remember her saying she knew what was happening and she dreaded it. she was able to stay at home for a year and a few months. My Daddy, who is 81, did all he could to keep her home. She was placed in a nursing home in their small town and He went everyday to take her on walks and visit. The home decided her condition was too much for them and refused to care for her. She is now in a facility about an hour’s drive away. He now goes once a week, that’s all he can afford to go. She has done better physically(she has diabetes) but the disease has progressed so she doesn’t recognize herself in a mirror and conversation is hard. She does remember my Daddy still. They have been married 20yrs.

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