A Small Outing Can Be a BIG Deal

I am 56 and I have dementia (a.k.a. Progressive Degenerative Impairment, Early Onset Alzheimer’s, etc). I share my thoughts and emotions, in hope that this will help others who are part of this dementia daze. People wonder why I don’t want to go places anymore. Why I don’t like to do the things I used to do. My heart aches to have my old life back. I want to do the things I used to do, go the places I used to go, drive for hours and be with people. I can still do sostorenoiseme of these things. However; with each “adventure” I have to weigh the consequences. Take for example a simple trip to that mega superstore that we all hate but seem to flock back to. For me the confusion begins the minute I exit the car. Walk through the sliding doors someone’s collecting carts and jamming them together with a clatter, clatter, bang, bang. A child is screaming, a couple fighting, someone stocking shelves, person in front of me blocking the aisle while on her cell talking about an affair. Noise, noise everywhere! Voices become amplified as though I am in a cave. Concentrate, just follow the list. Out of dog treats – pick a different one. Moved the tuna – track it down. Chicken won’t be done for 30 minutes – what else can I get for dinner. That means redoing the menu. OK, what do I need? Noise everywhere, baby crying, kids running, people talking, carts banging. Aisles are closing in. Someone I know, oh help! Talking fast – I hear them, but the words are not connecting. Boxes on the floor, carts in the pathway, chatter, noise – chaos! Whew! Finally done. Double-check the list. Go to the checkout – one lane open, 8 people in line. Noise intensifying – coming from every angle. Can’t think, getting stressed, sounds like everyone is speaking through a boom box. Do they know how loud they are? Need to get out of here! The outcome of an adventure to me often results in such mental fatigue that it takes me days to come out of the fog. The one little outing that others take for granted, is often a tremendous undertaking for me. So yes, please continue to invite us to participate in events; but understand there are times the answer has to be no and there are times we will say yes and at the last minute can’t make it. This is my life and Roy & I are making the best of every day – some times that means staying home is the best option.

Love & Laughter,


I am so honored, my friend Gene Suchma (another PWD) drew an illustration to go with my post!  Thank you Gene!  Visit more of Gene’s art work at http://cartoonsandfineart.com

Written By Laurie Scherrer

© Copyright 2014 Laurie Scherrer

5 thoughts on “A Small Outing Can Be a BIG Deal

  1. Lenette

    My mother is 87 and is in Memory Care. I just found your blog this evening. Thank you for sharing your Journey. You are helping more people than you will ever know.

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  2. Karen Francis

    Laurie…I feel your pain! The first thing I thought about when I started reading your blog was – she is probably talking about the one on 5th Street (I think that is closest to you if it’s the store I think you are talking about) and secondly – I hate that store more than any because on any given day that place also stinks so bad!!!!! (Giorgio mushrooms growing nearby). Did you know that you can get everything except the chicken that you mentioned from Amazon? That is what I do now. Amazon is also starting delivery of fresh groceries too. They are delivering in the Philly area and hopefully around here soon!

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    1. Laurie Scherrer Post author

      Bechtelsville is the closest to us – doesn’t smell as bad as Reading. Didn’t know that about Amazon – Thanks for the tip. I’ve been shopping Giant in Boyertown most of the time. Prices are a bit higher, but the people are Fantastic!



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